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In this week's edition of Enterprise Sales Weekly, find out why sales teams' struggles with sameness are holding them back, how and why to talk pricing with prospects, how to build a sales intelligence strategy that works—and more.


5 Reasons Why Diversity in Enterprise Sales Matters

Did you know that sales is the fourth-least-diverse profession in the U.S.? That's not exactly surprising, but it is a problem for a variety of reasons—not least of which is its impact on your bottom line. Here's why CROs and other sales leaders should take notice and actively diversify their teams today.

Reading time: 6 minutes

Why the Road to Closed-Won Starts With Smart Pricing

Look, we get it—talking about pricing can be tough. But trying to tiptoe around it or kick the can down the road until the last possible second are sure-fire ways to derail your deal. So let's hear from actual buyers at major enterprise organizations on how and when to talk pricing if you want to move your next deal into closed-won.

Reading time: 5 minutes

What is an Emissary?

What makes someone an Emissary? Is it just experience as a buyer at an enterprise-level company? As it turns out, the answer is much more complex than that. Find out what makes our people some of the most sought-after experts and innovators in the business world today.

Reading time: 6 minutes

The Expert's Guide to Sales Intelligence: How to Choose the Right Tools and Build a Successful Strategy

There's a dizzying array of sales intelligence tools out there. How do you know which ones are right for your team? And once you've got them, how do you make them work together effectively? It isn't easy, but we've got your back. Let our experts explain how to build a successful sales intelligence stack—and how to use it effectively.

Reading time: 25 minutes


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