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Introducing a new weekly roundup of the smartest and sharpest enterprise sales-related content from the week that was, presented by Emissary. This week, enterprise buyers in IT and marketing show you how to prepare for your big pitch, how to deliver like a pro, and how to navigate procurement woes.



Want Actionable Advice from Fortune 500 MarTech Buyers?
Yeah, you do. Because you're having trouble getting in front of buyers, sales cycles are longer than ever, and any mention of procurement makes you reach for your trusty bottle of Aleve. But don't worry — we've got you. In our new Enterprise Sales Playbook, former marketing execs from Costco, Cisco, Petco, GNC and more explain what works—and what doesn't—so you can add more deals to "closed won" today.

Reading time: 30 minutes

"Under the guidance of people in the know, the fits and starts of sales could be transformed into a smooth process with the right talking points at just the right time. Maybe the best products could win after all."

Reading time: 30 minutes

Do Your Homework Ahead of Time—or Be Prepared for Your Pitch to Be D.O.A.
There's so little signal and so much noise for you to sift through on the internet today, so it's hard to know what to trust and what to ignore when researching prospects. And yet, great research is crucial. How else are you going to target your message, add value, or speak authoritatively about the client's pain points and challenges? You need to take a more disciplined, nuanced approach to information gathering. Here's how.

Reading time: 6 minutes

Learn to How Pitch (and Rack Up Wins) Like Clayton Kershaw
It doesn't matter how good your deck is if you don't connect what you're pitching back to the outcomes that matter to the buyer. In this blog, our Emissaries—all former marketing execs for Fortune 500s—explain how to win the hearts and minds of buyers with busy schedules and a thousand other things on their plates. (Hint: Don't use the "S" word.) Get our the secret sauce for pitching like a pro.

Reading time: 5 minutes


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