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OK, we're kidding about the spoilers. But if you don't want your deals to vanish at the snap of a stakeholder's fingers, take a minute and hear from  our enterprise buyers on how to avoid bad pitches and how to spot a hidden landmine.


How Not to Blow It

Did you know that only 35 percent of B2B buyers have a favorable view of salespeople? Well, you do now. There are literally hundreds of ways for sales pitches to go south, but almost all of them are within your control. Find out how to craft a smarter IT pitch, and hear from a former buyer at Kellogg's on why you need to chill with the pitch deck.

Reading time: 5 minutes


Bad Habits—and How to Break Them

Your prospects take a lot of pitch meetings. Like, a lot of pitch meetings. To stand out and get a second meeting, you've got to break some bad habits and stop using the same old approach. Our Emissaries told us what grinds their gears when it comes to sales tactics. And since these are the people you're selling to, it pays to listen.

Reading time: 6 minutes


Do You Know About Frank?

Frank doesn't do a lot, but he does have veto power on major deals. And if Frank doesn't know about it, it's not going to happen. So how do you find out about Frank and other major decision-makers who, though not terribly vocal, still have the ability to derail your deal? In this post, you'll find out how to spot Frank and others like him before your next deal goes the way of the dodo.

Reading time: 12 minutes


Required Reading: The Ultimate Playbook On Selling into Marketing

Want insights direct from Fortune 500 MarTech buyers? Of course you do. That's why we put together our Ultimate MarTech Playbook. In it, you'll find tons of useful info straight from the minds of marketing decision-makers at companies like Costco, Mercer, Cisco, GNC, and more. You'll learn how to get their attention, build relationships, navigate procurement, and close the deal with a successful transition. It's basically everything you need to know to hit your numbers this quarter—and every quarter.

Reading time: 30 minutes


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